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Different Types of Flour

Flour that is used in baking comes mainly from wheat, although it
can be milled from corn, rice, nuts, legumes, and some fruits and vegetables.
The type of flour of flour used is vital at getting the product right. Different types of flour are suited to different items and all
flours are different you cannot switch from one type to another without
consequences that could ruin the recipe. To achieve success in baking, it is
important to know what the right flour is for the job!

All-purpose flour is a blend of Read More…

Types Of Sugar

White Sugar:

There are many different types of granulated
sugar. Some of these are used only by the food industry and professional bakers
and are not available in the supermarket. The types of granulated sugars differ
in crystal size. Each crystal size provides unique functional characteristics
that make the sugar appropriate for a specific food’s special

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How to Make Cake Flour


  • All-Purpose flour (just under one cup)
  • 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
1. Place two tablespoons of cornstarch in a one-cup measure.

2. Fill the rest of the cup with all-purpose flour.

3. Use in place of the cake flour in any recipe.

One cup of substitute is equal to one cup of cake flour.

Tips for Perfect Burgers

1. Start with the Right Meat

For juicy burgers, get ground chuck with a fat content of at least 18%. Lean and extra-lean meats make tough, dry burgers. (This is true for turkey, chicken, or lamb burgers, too – look for grinds with around 18% fat.)The more freshly ground the meat is, the more tender and flavorful the burger: If your store has butchers, ask them to grind the meat fresh for you.

2. Don’t Overwork the Meat Read More…

اسرار الطبخ

عند عمل الرز البرياني أضيفي قليل من الزنجبيل الأخضر الخولجان الأخضر.
لمسلوق اللحم أو الدجاج ابشري عليها كركم أخضر وقليل من الثوم والبصل.
لتحمير البصل أضيفي قليل من الملح.

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